Business challenge - 9 Users sharing a broadband Internet connection at work. The business owner was concerned that at times, especially when out of the office, the connection was mostly being used for personal surfing, shopping and music downloads.

Solution - Install iPrism Internet Access Control Appliance and develop an Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP).

"The iPrism allows me to monitor and control how and when my staff are able to use the Internet. Every web page is automatically categorised, and I can completely block access to categories with undesirable web content. I discussed the AUP with my staff first so there were no surprises for them. Now I'm confident that my Company's use of the Internet is responsible - and the comprehensive reporting confirms this".

Business challenge - 5 Users on a Mac filesharing LAN using Office and Filemaker. The overall system was in need of upgrade. Files were stored all over the LAN, email was collected by individual's computers and file compatability with clients was often an issue. It was difficult to justify staying with Macintosh as they were only using Office Apps.

Solution - Introduce a Windows 2003 SB Server and XP Pro Client PCs.
The LAN was rewired to improve reliability and all the data was transfered including the Filemaker database. Files are now stored centrally, and AIT backup every night ensures against disaster. Exchange unifies email, and allows shared contacts and calendar information. Connected to Business ADSL, the whole system can be remotely accessed via VPN. Symantec antivirus transparently pushes definitions out to the client PCs to protect them.

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